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Vape Addict Juices BONFIRE

Posted by Valencia Clouds Team on

We have always had Bonfire in our shelves ever since the beginning of Valencia Clouds.  And if we were to come up with one reason why, it is because it has got to be one of the best flavors (if not the best) out there!  If you have never had the opportunity to try Bonfire, let us give you a gist of what this flavor is all about.  The two basic flavors that will immediately be thought of upon trying Bonfire are sweetly ripened strawberry and Pomegranate with the tinge of sour astringent fruity flavors that come naturally with the fruit.  Quite basic one might think, but the combination of these two fruits just truly hit the sweet spot!  It is indescribable how these two flavors mesh so well together.  The way this top-notch e-liquid was formulated is something Vape Addict Juices should definitely be proud of.  We have yet to meet a customer who's tried it for the first time and gave negative feedback on this e-juice.  So, if you have not tried Bonfire as of yet, we definitely urge you to!  It is  just AH-MAZING!!!!

Ruthless SaltNics Now Available at

Your ALL-TIME FAVORITE, GO-TO e-juice is now available in SaltNic! When you think Ruthless couldn’t outdo themselves, they come up with these! All the amazing flavors formulated in the same way Ruthless Vapors have over the years, is now up for grabs in a smoother and even more flavorful version!

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Is NicSalt (SaltNic) for you?

Pros & Cons of Nic Salts (Disclaimer: Some cons to one vaper could be pros to others!) :Pros: SATISFACTION -Some vapers who have tried regular e-liquids don’t get their nicotine fix satiated.SMOOTHER “PUNCH” OF NICOTINE –Many first-time vapers get immediately turned off by regular e-liquids because they can feel too harsh on their throats, for [...]

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Make Sure You're Earning Rewards Points on Every Purchase!

We're proud to have the MOST FULFILLING REWARDS SYSTEM in the vape industry. We've always been grateful at Valencia Clouds; especially to our loyal customers! When you sign up for an account, every purchase you make at our loyalty program will automatically tally them into huge amounts of points. You can then convert these points [...]

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valencia clouds coupon code: Memorial Day 2017

we'll leave this here for now...shhhh. =) It'll work until...who knows. =)

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We're Currently Doing a Little Spring Cleaning!

Save with the coupon code: SPRINGFORWARD17 This coupon code will expire soon, so save now!This coupon code is storewide. This coupon code is great to try some of our new liquids from Pacha Mama, Mr. Mirengue, Fruit N Custard, Air Factory, Cuttwood, OMG, Black Gost, Camp Fire, VGod, Vapetasia Killer Kustard, Ethos, Loaded Jam Monster and [...]

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Exclusive Promotion!

Exclusive promos are now offered during checkout. Find out if your favorite products qualify for special promotions at www.ValenciaClouds.comPlace some of your favorite items in the cart and see the offers come up on the top of your cart page.

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Save Instantly on These Two Fine Products!


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We have a limited supply of RUTHLESS iPhone 6s & 6s+ covers. let us know which one would fit your iphone & we'll send you one for free! Offer good while supplies last. quantity is very limited.#BeRuthless#Vape#RuthlessVapers#RuthlessEJuice#TheBlackMambaOfEliquids#VapeCommunity#CaliVapers#VapeModels #Vape #ejuice#eliquidsBROUGHT TO YOU BY RUTHLESS E-JUICE!

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