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Vapes, Flights and Airports: Here's What You Should Know

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Flying domestic or international? Here are the things you need to know about carrying electronic cigarettes

The electronic cigarettes were introduced in market in 2004 and since then their global use have increased manifold. There are millions of people around the world today who love to use ecigs. The popularity of e-cigarettes has led doctors and scientists to worry about public health. Many countries have enacted laws related to usage of ecigs. There are specific guidelines for flying with ecigs both domestically and internationally.

Electronic cigarettes in airports

This is good news for vaping lovers. Ecigs are allowed in all parts of the airport even beyond the screening area. However, to vape, you need to head to areas designated as smoking zones as using an ecig is considered same as smoking a normal cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes in aircrafts

There are separate guidelines for carrying ecigs, their different components and using them in aircrafts. Let us learn more about them.

Using electronic cigarettes in a flight – While most airlines allow their passengers to carry ecigs in their carry-on bags or on person, you CANNOT use them on board. There are strict rules regarding this and in case you are carrying your favorite ecig with you, do not try to vape on the flight, not even in the lavatory.

Carrying batteries – According to new rules set by TSA in November 2015, ecig batteries are not allowed in checked in baggage. These rules came into force due to the hazards caused by poor quality of lithium ion batteries. Overheating of the devices and causing fires is a great concern for airlines and hence these regulations have been passed worldwide. 

You can carry the batteries in your laptop bag or with your other electronic devices. Place your loose batteries inside a plastic battery cases specifically designed for them.It is better to disconnect the batteries from the atomizer and carry them separately before going for security check.

In The U.S., Although, TSA’s are well acquainted how electronic cigarettes look like. There is still a possibility that your bag might have to go into manual inspection.

Carrying e-liquids – regulations related to e-liquids are not stringent. You can carry small bottles of them as long as they fall below the 100 ml limit. For safety, put the bottles in clear plastic bags along with other liquid bottles.

In case you are flying with big bottles of e-juices, put them in your check luggage. Make sure it is protected and it’s best to pack them in the middle of your suitcase. Where it’s clammed like a pearl.

Different counties have different regulations for ecigs. It is advisable to learn these rules to save yourself from legal hassles. As for example, vaping is banned in Singapore and Argentina. For Japan, you can only bring in a total of 120ml e-juice combined.

When traveling abroad or within your country, check with the airline about its ecig policies to travel safe.