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Is NicSalt (SaltNic) for you?

Posted by Valencia Clouds Team on

Pros & Cons of Nic Salts (Disclaimer: Some cons to one vaper could be pros to others!) :


SATISFACTION -Some vapers who have tried regular e-liquids don’t get their nicotine fix satiated.

SMOOTHER “PUNCH” OF NICOTINE –Many first-time vapers get immediately turned off by regular e-liquids because they can feel too harsh on their throats, for which nicotine is too blame. So, that smoother feeling of nic salt liquids HELPS a great deal with that.

MUCH LESS EFFECT ON THE FLAVOR –The free-base nicotine can make quite an effect in the conventional e-liquid’s overall flavor. Nic Salts on the other hand, have little to no effect in this department, providing you with a richer and more flavorful vaping experience.


NIC OVERLOAD –Lighter smokers may find that their nicotine cravings can be satisfied by 3-12mg nic strengths found in conventional e-liquids.

FEWER OPTIONS –Nic Salts devices options are not quite as wide-ranged compared to your endless sub-ohm tanks and mods combos around.

LESS CLOUD PRODUCTION –Nic Salt is the better choice for your if you need a higher dose of nicotine, and have decided to take up vaping for the purpose of looking for a better alternative way out of kicking the habit, and not just to BLOW CLOUDS.